Orthodontic Treatment

What to expect on your first visit?

“The most exciting aspect of orthodontics is the unpredictability of treatment in some patients. It challenges me to continuously assess progress and sometimes modify treatment because not all patients respond the same to treatment. Often, I need to be inventive and resourceful—I love solving problems! It's incredibly satisfying to see dramatic results in difficult cases.” – Dr. Chiu

Our goal for your initial consultation is for you to leave with a clear understanding of your treatment options and timing. Sometimes that includes not starting treatment at all! Dr. Chiu believes in only treating what is necessary, and never wants you to feel forced into treatment you do not want or need.

Your treatment will be based on an honest assessment of your needs. Here at Bay State Orthodontics, we don’t believe in treating every little imperfection. Rather, we believe a conservative but proactive approach is the best for the majority of our patients.

Dr. Chiu’s orthodontic training at the University of Michigan shaped her philosophy of science-based treatment. We use a clean design of functional appliance to help make overbite and skeletal correction more efficient and comfortable. Our use of clear aligner technology allows patients to have a clear, removable, aesthetic alternative to traditional braces. We also provide surgical/orthodontic combination treatment—Dr. Chiu doesn’t shy away from challenging cases!

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